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The Lyrics Icon Contest

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Welcome to lyrcsicontest! This is a icon contest community based on lyrics. There will be a new challenge each week.

I am your mod, _imnotyourstarr, and if you ever have questions, comments, or want to report behavior, please comment on my journal and I will take care of it.

1. Please submit your own work, created by YOU. If you are found stealing another persons work, you are gone.

2. Please be kind to everyone who submits. There will be not be much member interaction because posts will be screened, but I don't want any reports else where. If you do have a problem with a member please report it to my journal _imnotyourstarr

3. This is an lyrical-icon contest. You are free to use whatever graphics you like, according to the challenge, and you must use at least 3 consecutive words from the lyrics provided.

4. If you are joining, it would be nice if you would put a link to this community in your userlook up, and tell your friends!

1. Every Sunday will be the start of a new competetion. You have from Sunday-Friday (mid-day) to enter. Voting will be from Friday Night-Sunday Night. Entries are screened, and will be anonymous.

2. To vote, you vote 1 time for your favorite based on quality of the icon, and creativeness.
~Please submit your vote as a comment to the appropriate post picking your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice-- the order is important!
~You may not vote for yourself.
~Voting is screened and will be anonymous.
~You must be a member of the community to vote, but you do not need to have submitted in the competition to vote.
~There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, which will all be given banners.

3. The lyrics are submitted by the 3 winners each week, and then one set will be chosen by the mod _imnotyourstarr for the upcomming week. It is helpful, but not mandatory to send the song to be.your.memory@gmail.com
If you are a winner, please give your submissions to _imnotyourstarr on the post where you are announced the winners ASAP!

4. When you enter, you must have at least 3 consecutive words in the icon, the picture can be of anything you want, still or animated, but it must have a picture.
~Text only icons are not allowed.
~If your icon does not follow the challenge, it will not be allowed to be voted on.

5. When you submit, you must comment on the entry that has the lyrics for the week. You must include the picture, and the link with it. It will look like this:


Add these to your user look-up!

Week 1, Something Corporate:
Week 2, Switchfoot:
Week 3, Speechwriters LLC:
Week 4, Travis:
Week 5, Vanessa Carlton:
Week 6, Athlete:
Week 7, Reba McEntire:

Please contact _imnotyourstarr if you're interested in being an affiliate!

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