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Contest 10-Update

I'm actually really stupid and posted this in my real, personal journal.

This is due Sunday, April 24. Please submit new lyrics with your entry/ies.

Week 10 Lyrics
submitted by charmling

I was thinking, overthinking
About how far I had let this go
One more guy/girl cliche I know now you're just in the way
Of me and my dream come true
"Overthinking" by Relient K

-2 entries per person
-Use 3+ consecutive words in the icon
-The icon may not be a text only icon
-Reply to this post with entires
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This might sound really stupid, but was there an actual post with the new challenge, cos I cant find it :S
I didn't know challenge ten was even running yet, and I can't find a submission post.
all i see is challenge 9 posts....
yeah... *looks around* I haven't seen it either. I was wondering what was going on. lol.
Well, there's teh problem... You posted it in your personal journal, dahhling! :P
Oh my god... I did!
I'll put it over in the community straight away, no wonder there wasn't a single entry...

Thank you!
Is everyone supposed to submit lyrics with their icons? Or was that directed at specific people?
no everyone because I'm going to need to start the new contest as soon as I'm at my real computer again which is when contest 10 voting will start.